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Vocal Charts. Finale all orchestral parts and full score. Full Orchestral Score. Synthesizer String Reduction. Eb Alto Saxophone 1, 2. Eb Alto Sax 3 Trumpet 3 substitute part. Bass Guitar.

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Synthesizer Brass Reduction. Eb Bari Sax Tuba substitute part. Bb Clarinet 1, 2. Bb Clarinet 3 Viola substitute part.

F Horn 1, 2. Percussion 1, 2. Bb Trumpet 1.

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Bridge: No eyes has fully seen how beautiful the Cross And we have only heard that faintest whispers of how great You are. The accompaniment of this song is appropriately thoughtful and worshipful. And the chorus becomes a glad song of praise. The music lifts your song up as the chords crescendo.

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Regardless of what might be said of other songs, this one definitely majors on communicating the message of the song. I threw this line in on account of the recent debate! To hear a sample music clip of this song, click here But I did find a YouTube video clip that has the entire song on it. But you can ignore the picture and just enjoy the whole song of course, if you have broadband that will be easier to do.

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You can also click here to see the chord chart for this song, and here to see a preview of the musical score you can also purchase the score if you want. Lastly, to learn more about Jeremy Camp as well as the authors of the song, Christ Tomlin and Matt Redman 2 of the best worship song writers today , click on the following links: JeremyCamp.