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The business of this farmer born at Carlos Casares, a little town in the heart of the Pampas, had an incredible and fast growing during the '90s and during the first decade of the new century. In his golden years I have expanded his agribusiness model to Brazil, bought wheat milling in both countries, and invested in the poultry business. Pea: an alternative to enhance the sequence of crops in the core area.

April 12 and 13 Lima Peru. In the talk on Friday June 8 in "Con Aire de Campo", Grobocopatel said that "Tandil is an example for Argentina because it has demonstrated a very diverse business ecosystem formation".

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A new agriculture: post-granary agriculture. Grobocopatel: "Biotechnology makes it possible to design plants by transforming them into factories that absorb carbon dioxide and use solar energy. They are the basis of the new green industrial revolution that will take place in the rural areas of our continent". Law of Seeds: the never ending story. Professionals from the public and private sectors participated in the debate "Seeds Law, a pending debt", which was held at the University of Belgrano, where they expressed their interest in the immediate sanction of the same.

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Grobocopatel urged to solve macro imbalances. Agroindustrial entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel affirmed that the private sector is today facing a set of challenges, but warned that "many of the issues to be addressed are impossible with inflation, which requires solving macroeconomic imbalances". The referent of the soy sector was against the possibility of the Government making changes in the tariff scheme.

Within the framework of the presentation of the Engineering Week, which will take place from June 5 to 7, with the organization of the Argentine Center of Engineers CAI , Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of Grupo Los Grobo and who will chair that event , noted that "it would be a mistake" to stop the decline of soy retentions. Grobocopatel: "The country must move to a kind of post-granary economy". For the agricultural entrepreneur it is vital to put inflation in check and reduce the fiscal deficit.

As every year, Revista Apertura published the study carried out by SEL Consultores where it presents the companies with the best image in Argentina. For the 11th consecutive year, Grupo Los Grobo holds the first place among the companies in the Agribusiness sector. How to plan in a dual scenario, the influence of climate and the commercial relationship between China and the US. The impact of dry in Argentina will continue to have effects on prices during the current year.

The team maker. Jorge Arpi made diversification his career. Today, he has to lead one of the most traditional Argentine agricultural companies.

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Los Grobo and a new space for monitoring the markets in the West. According to the calculations of the founder of the Los Grobo company, Gustavo Grobocopatel. Seed multipliers: a role that is for more.

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It is the link, between the biotechnological companies and the producers, that conditions the grains of autogamous species wheat, soy, etc. The president of Los Grobo maintains that he would prefer officials who "do not talk about everything that was done but about what is missing. He denies that the field is a winner of the Macri era, but "he stopped losing what he lost". He affirms that the President "is a man who has evolved". Grobocopatel at the Business Summit of the Americas "there is no other region on the planet that has the conditions to provide food, clothing and medicine".

The Argentine businessman, Gustavo Grobocopatel participated in the Business Summit of the Americas that took place days ago in Lima, the capital of Peru. At the end of the meeting, the Casarense read a letter to which Portal El Toro accessed and which we then show our readers. Fears of a commercial war between the United States and China.

LIMA, Peru - One of the things that caught my attention at the 8th Summit of the Americas that concluded this Saturday was a topic that was not on the agenda, but was very present in the private conversations among heads of state: fear to the impact that a commercial war between the United States and China could cause in the region. Grobocopatel: ''We need a facilitating State''. Producer Gustavo Grobocopatel read a message to the presidents at the end of the Business Summit of the Americas, which took place last week in Lima, Peru.

Next, a synthesis of his speech. Conference on financing lines and SME law. Governments business leaders advocate free trade at Peru business forum. LIMA, April 13 Xinhua -- At a time when protectionism is on the rise, heads of state and government as well as CEOs from across the Americas made a case for knocking down trade barriers at a business forum here Friday.

Leaders of America seek actions against corruption at the summit without Trump or Maduro. LIMA, April 13 Reuters - Latin American leaders will seek to agree at a summit on Friday concrete actions to fight corruption, which has not only slowed investment and economic growth but also unleashed political crises in recent years. Forum of the Industrial Revolution: Agroindustry aims for sustainability. Use of new technologies and territorial planning will be decisive factors for the sector.

Agroindustry: Why will you face great challenges in the future? During the panel "Agroindustrial Revolution: from the granary to the supermarket of the world", at the III Business Summit of the Americas, industry executives shared their vision and experience. Invest on the food industry: ''Technology will be a big disrupter''.

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Specialists agreed that robotics and no-tillage systems will boost food production. They also reiterated their concern about the effect of climate change. Latin American big business will also be at the Summit of the Americas. The event, which will bring together 12 presidents and business leaders, is considered the most important business event in the hemisphere.

Soy boom.

PDF UNIVERSITARIO EN CHINA. Así son los futuros líderes del país. (Spanish Edition)

The road leads past small farmhouses with agricultural machinery and tractors, grazing cows look up suspiciously from the side; dry air blows in your face. As far as the eye can see, two-meter long stalks rise up. On it hang leaves, petioles and pods that enclose three legumes. Freyre in the department of San Justo is an inconspicuous place with just 6, inhabitants. The Business Summit of the Americas gathers every three years the Heads of State and the main CEOs of the continent with the objective of analyzing the opportunities to promote economic growth and investments and facilitate trade through unprecedented public-private interaction under the mechanism of the Business Dialogue of the Americas ABD for its acronym in English.

Modern fields. Los Grobo returns to lead the Ranking of Business Image. Grobocopatel: "The results are gradual". Exports could reach a reduction of U. The panorama after the dry and the verdict of the harvesters. At the gates of the heavy harvest in our country, production estimates are between 42 and 40 million tons in soybeans and 34 to 32 million tons for corn. As the days went by and the rains did not appear, the projections went down and now we have to wait for the verdict of the harvesters. Grupo Los Grobo was chosen as the most responsible company with the best corporate governance in its sector.

Agrofina filed an application for the patenting of a new product. The Agrofina Research and Development area has submitted the Invention Patent Application for "Herbicidal composition comprising a mixture of fomesafen sodium and ammonium salts, and processing method". It will involve the protection of a new highly concentrated form of the fomesafen herbicide. What are the plans of Victoria Capital, the owner fund of Los Grobo. It is defined as generalist but does not look at regulated sectors. The most responsible companies with the best corporate governance.

The ranking is based on the opinion of business executives. And professionals and consumers are consulted. Los Grobo chosen as the most responsible company with the best corporate governance in its sector. Los Grobo ranked 56th, climbing 6 places compared to the last Corporate Responsibility and Governance Ranking held in Gustavo Grobocopatel: "Gradualism is more difficult to manage than shock".

The agricultural entrepreneur and CEO of Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, visited the floor of Returning Home and contributed his vision on the direction of the country and the performance of the government of Mauricio Macri. In addition, he reflected on the gradualist path proposed by Cambiemos and stressed the importance of having a "motivating story" to face the harshness of reality.

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Which are the largest pulses exporters from Argentina. The country runs a registration system where the companies apply for a license to export its grains. One of the less known areas of the Los Grobo Group is its seed activity as multipliers of soybeans and wheat. They initially started as multipliers of the Biointa wheats in , but it was only five years ago that they began to work hard in the area. Otro Ranking de Prestigio que ubica a Los Grobo como el mejor en su sector. Al ritmo del verano sudamericano.

Ranking of Corporate Prestige. A learning society. By Gustavo Grobocopatel, for the book " policies for Argentina of " published in December Agronomist UBA. The Argentine kings of soy bet on technology to understand nature. That is why the agricultural group Los Grobo invests in technology. The economy in Macri's era, according to Gustavo Grobocopatel. El camino hacia un sistema de alimentos sustentables.

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Argentina facing the XXI century challenges.