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In a fractious new world, think tanks are more important than ever. But who is producing the best research?

Asia-Pacific Think Tank Summit - Managing Transitions, Trade and Turmoil: The Role of Think Tanks

We announced our winners in parliament's Churchill Room on 17th July. Read more Think Tank Awards: results Why Jeremy Corbyn needs a think tank.

The ideological battle lines are shifting. Think tanks are everywhere—except the political frontline. Think Tank Awards Who won? At our annual awards, held on 10th July, the big brains were focused on the dangers of division.

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Think Tank Awards the winners. Interest rates: Success could lead to failure.

Two reports released today show that if the UK's recovery happens too fast, it could create serious problems. Think Tank Awards The results. Think Tank Awards The shortlist.

Prospect Think Tank Awards The winners. Think tank awards The eurozone crisis and the debate growth provoked sophisticated and prescient economic analysis.

The Influence of 'Think Tanks' in US Policy

Dark satanic mills 2. Economics and investment: the new liquidity trap. This external evaluation of the TTI looked at Phase 1 of the initiative to:. Many of the recommendations have already been embedded within Phase 2 of the Programme.

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RAPID works to understand the relationship between research, policy and practice and to promote evidence-informed policy-making. ECDPM assists with the implementation of international cooperation policies, organises policy dialogues, provides tailor-made analysis and advice and has a strong track record in evaluating policy impact. Download PDF, 1. Contact us Media centre.

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