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Contains 14 stories about the childhoods of European monarchs, including Napoleon , Elizabeth I , and Frederick the Great. Contains 12 true stories about role models for children, including Hannibal , Florence Nightingale , and Saint Thomas More. Contains 30 stories on a variety of subjects, including true stories, Greek myths , and stories from Alexandre Dumas , Walter Scott and Edgar Allan Poe.

PDF The Silver Sword (The Dream Merchant Saga: Book Two 2)

Contains 23 stories about saints. Most of these are true stories, although a few legends are also included. Published after Andrew Lang's death, with an introduction by Mrs. Contains thirty-four stories on a variety of subjects, including ghost stories, Native American legends, true stories, and tales from Washington Irving. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Blue Fairy Book. The Red Fairy Book. The Yellow Fairy Book. The Violet Fairy Book.

Mi Reina! Margaret of Scotland " " St. Encyclopedia of Fantasy Entry by RD. Reprint at sf-encyclopedia. Stubbs, and L. Ashley, eds. McGlathery, ed. Categories : Collections of fairy tales Series of children's books Scottish children's literature.

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It was! It was him, not a dream. Shivering, he picked up a length of oak branch and started to shove it into the coals. The trees were. Before the wood touched the. There were horses coming, ten or a dozen of them, walking slowly. I have to be careful. The horses swung toward his failing fire, entered the dim light, and stopped.

The shadows obscured their. One was a woman with graying hair and a no-nonsense look on her face. There is a small spring nearby. I trust you have no objection to my sharing it? The guards yelled and clawed for. He danced among them in the forms Lan had taught. Letting the sword vanish, he turned to examine the horses.

Most had run away, but some not far, and the. Her headless corpse, lying on the ground,. Rand pulled them free, pausing only to gather his few belongings before swinging into the saddle. I have. The Power still filled him, the flow from saidin sweeter than honey, ranker than rotted meat. He set them in a line, facing him, kneeling, faces in the dirt. For those who had faces left.


If I hold it too much, how will I keep the madness away? He laughed bitterly. Frowning, he peered at the line. He had been sure there were only ten men, but eleven men knelt in that. Wheeling the gelding, he dug in his heels and set the animal to a dead gallop into the night. It was a long. I will put. Im pretty sure Rand Dreamed of the woman and her companions and the Drean told him they were Darkfriends.

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The fact that he knew they were Darkfriends combined with that dream, as well as some other stuff, is what makes me think Rand is a Dreamer but not a Dreamwalker. I took it as his complete paranoia.

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It was added in that he noticed the extra man probably for the reader's benefit so we don't see him as a murderer. Rand dreamed of a lot of dark friends but I don't believe he recognized this merchant since nothing he did suggested it.

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If he recognized her it would have been noted when he was thinking about how he saw her kind in the Two Rivers. Remember that Rand wasn't getting much sleep at all. His dreams seemed to be fitful in and out of TAR. He was very tired and knew he was being chased. What sleep he did get was full of dreams of being hunted and betrayed by everybody he ever knew.

He would have been completely paranoid at this point and likely thinking anybody that comes near him was a darkfriend. He said that it's not supposed to be clear to the reader exactly what is going on.

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  • It's supposed to be unclear whether Rand is just very observant, or whether he's on the brink of madness. I'll stick with paranoia combined with some base paranoid logic, as mentioned above, what merchant would normally be out that late we must assume it is rather late, since Rand has a campfire that was dying, and since he just woke from troubled sleep on a journey that would, in his paranoid state, let him sleep only when completely worn down to the nub I've reread this series many times, but only just really took in that bit about an eleventh man.

    Is it possible it's a Gray Man? Yep, look two posts up, RJ confirms it is a greyman, but leaves an unknown for why Rand attacked. I think Leigh brought it up in her re-read of this book, Rand seemed to go all kinds of mad in the book. It seemed weird and almost accelerated, especially since he seemed to go back to 'normal' following it.

    I'm inclined to side with the paranoia lobby, however if memory serves, can't channelers sense Gray Men? Rand is in his chambers, I believe with either Berelain or Lanfear, and he senses something weird, eventually spotting the Gray Man. I believe this is right before the Trolloc attack, so It must've been Lanfear in the rooms with him Ooh, didn't think of that And yes, there are two occasions where Rand senses greyman, tear with Lanfear, and Caemlyn with Avi Add that to the other two points, and it suddenly makes more sense; he wouldn't have known what he was sensing, since he'd only just begun to channel, yet he may have sensed I think Rand knew there was a Grey Man for definite.

    He channeled the fire sword and the Taint from that, I always assumed was what made him go a bit loopy to make the bodies grovel. Whichever way it was, I remember thinking it was just completely out of the blue for him to kill them all, it DID look like he masacred the whole lot because he "thought" they were Darkfriends, but on a reread I remembered that Dream. The part I find strange is how this fits in with Rand normally not killing women.

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    In the Gathering storm when he kills Graendal he explains that it was a lie and that he has killed woman in the past he mentioned that he had killed woman in the past even while he was following that "rule" however he mentions the maiden he killed in Shadar Logoth as the first even though this merchant was far before that. For some reason though he never seem to consider that and I don't think we ever spotted her on that list of his?

    Has he forgotten about that merchant or something? We did a search for other books with a similar title, however there were no matches. You can try selecting from a similar category, click on the author's name, or use the search box above to find your book. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In this sequel to The Magic Crystal, having survived their first big misadventure thanks more to luck than skill, fate conspires once again to force Princess Rose, Tag and Cankles to embark on another perilous quest.

    This time, Loken the nefarious, shape-shifting Sprite steals away with the dreamstone that is imbued with the power to make wishes come true.