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As urban warriors from every dank alleyway pour into the violent cobblestone streets, a mysterious new player known as the Brass Hornet makes the chaos decidedly personal by offering a king's ransom for the Green Hornet's head! Collects Legenderry Red Sonja Dynamite Written by Marc Andreyko.

Against a Neo-Victorian backdrop of clockworks and Tesla coils, fantasy's most fearless heroine sets sail through a whole new world of adventure and intrigue! After a year on the run under the assumed identity of Magna Spadarossa, Red Sonja returns to fiery form as an ale-swilling, rapier-swinging ship captain Befriending Elizabeth, the undead bride of Victor Frankenstein, Sonja discovers that the evil scientist has been kidnapping inventors and professors to steal their secrets and raise an unstoppable monster army.

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Will the She-Devil with a Sword unravel the plot in time, or will she fall victim to the mad doctor and his ally, the dreaded Captain Nemo? Collects Legenderry Vampirella Dynamite Written by David Avallone. Art by David T. Against a Neo-Victorian backdrop of zeppelins and petticoats, the raven-haired adventurer stalks an alternate reality of danger and darkness in a tale by David Avallone and David T. When not entertaining her guests at the classy Scarlet Club as Madam Pendragon, Vampirella stalks out into the cobblestone streets of the Big City in pursuit of The Council, an alliance of the deadliest ne'er-do-wells ever to plague civilized society.

But the hunter becomes the hunted when Blackmass, the extradimensional demon with a hunger for human souls, ventures into the night, pursuing tasty morsels without Council supervision. As panic sets in among friends and foe alike, Vampirella must face a host of enemies -- including the beast-like Black Bat, the devious Veiled Lady, and many more -- in a desperate race to reach the monster first!

Join the all-female crew of the Alexandria, a super-powered submersible, as they engage in sultry espionage and steam-powered derring-do to take back what's rightfully theirs! Massive oil spills, nuclear meltdowns and more leave us desperate for viable energy sources to rebuild global society and technology.

Inspired by a little tea party, Sarah Palin hits upon the answer: steam power! She begins the 'Steam Initiative', touting geothermal energy as the cure for what ails ya. The heads of Big Oil and Nuclear Power are less than happy with this trend, and they send their agents to do in the Rogue Republican. Luckily, she comes prepared with a set of steam-powered armor!

Part III - After the New Wave

Standard equipment, don'cha know. By Brian J. A gorgeously illustrated history of the literary, film, and arts counterculture, now in paperback! Spinning tales populated with clockwork leviathans, cannon shots to the moon, and coal-fired robots, it charts alternative histories in which the British Empire never fell and the atom remained unsplit.

Spectacularly illustrated and international in scope, this comprehensive history explores steampunk's many intricate expressions in fiction, cinema, television, comics, and video games, and traces its evolution into a truly global aesthetic that has made its mark on art, architecture, fashion, and music. Softcover, 9-in.

Steampunk Fashions Coloring Book by Marty Noble- Flip Through

Writing, Art, and Cover by Various. Our saucy steampunk sweethearts are all 'geared up' for the season in a captivating cavalcade of costumes. Their outfits may be a little brief, but they still leave plenty to the imagination. What lurks behind their masks? Dare to find out! Dollar Bin Codeword.

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Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Sort by A-Z Price. Previous Next 1 2. Issue 1. Steampunk 1. Published Apr by Wildstorm. Add to cart Fine. Issue 1A. Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure 1A. Published Dec by Dynamite Entertainment. Add to cart Very Fine.

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The Scarlet Plague

Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure 1B. Add to cart CGC 9. Issue 1C. Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure 1C. Available Stock Add to want list Add to cart Fine. Add to cart NM- 9. Issue 1D. Legenderry A Steampunk Adventure 1D. Available Stock Add to want list This item is not in stock.

After the New Wave (Part III) - The Cambridge History of Science Fiction

Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue 1. Published Nov by Antarctic Press. Published Jan by Zenescope Entertainment. Steampunk Battlestar Galactica Dynamite 1A.

Published Aug by Dynamite Entertainment. Add to cart Near Mint. Steampunk Battlestar Galactica Dynamite 1B. Steampunk Battlestar Galactica Dynamite 1C. Issue 1D Pre-publication image; subject to change. Steampunk Battlestar Galactica Dynamite 1D. Issue 1E. Steampunk Battlestar Galactica Dynamite 1E. Published Feb by Zenescope Entertainment.

Steampunk Glamour Gazette Antarctic Press 1. Published Apr by Antarctic Press. Gearhearts Steampunk Musical Special 1. Add to cart Very Good. Steampunk Catechism 1. Published Jan by DC. Published Jun by Antarctic Press. Steampunk Halloween 1. Published Sep by Antarctic Press.

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Steampunk Sketchbook Antarctic Press 1. Published Mar by Antarctic Press. Victorian Secret Agents Steampunk Angels 1. Steampunk Ashcan Idiosincratica 1. Published by Wildstorm.

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Steampunk Chromium Cover 1. Add to cart FN 6.

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Steampunk Goldilocks Antarctic Press 1. Published Oct by Antarctic Press. Steampunk Snow Queen Antarctic Press 1. Published Dec by Antarctic Press. Steampunk Snow White Antarctic Press 1. Published May by Antarctic Press. Steampunk Swimsuit Antarctic Press 1. Issue ST. Published Jan by Dynamite Entertainment. Published Nov by Dynamite Entertainment. Available Stock Add to want list Add to cart Good. Tags: Alternate Reality , Vampires.