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It was probably written in Sanskrit by one Vatsyayana. He seems to have been a compiler of sexual habits, and he blamed another scholar for inventing some of the very difficult sexual positions. Doniger believes that the Kama Sutra is about 2, years old, but she told me that this is based solely on circumstantial evidence. The reason she takes the Kama Sutra so seriously is that even though she feels that the sexual positions were fantasies, she sees in the rest of the work nothing short of anthropology, a rare portrait of an affluent ancient society. Also, there are stylistic similarities between the Kama Sutra and the works of Manu and Kautilya.

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New Releases. Kama Sutra. Description This stunning new edition of the ancient Hindu guide to lovemaking combines the classic Kama Sutra text with an exceptional collection of explicit Indian artworks in glorious full colour, and follows the original English language translation of this seminal sexual guide by Sir Richard Burton. With inspirational quotes highlighted to catch the eye and decorative Indian motifs adding authenticity, this is the ultimate gift for lovers and connoisseurs of sensual pleasure. It has inspired lovers around the world for thousands of years and is now available in this beautiful hardback edition.

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