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Judge John H. Ferguson upheld the law, and the case of Plessy v.

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Ferguson slowly moved up to the Supreme Court. On May 18, , the U.

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Supreme Court, with only one dissenting vote, ruled that segregation in America was constitutional. Courtesy of National Archives, Washington, D. Rice, beginning in Neena Arndt is the associate dramaturg at Goodman Theatre.

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  7. The Separate But Equal Doctrine Was A Result of This 127 Year Old Arrest;

She holds an MFA in dramaturgy from the A. Visit GoodmanTheatre.

Brown v. Board of Education (1954) - Separate Is NOT Equal

Share this. Tuition benefits were provided to children to attend private schools, but the only private schools operating in the county had white-only admission policies. In , an impatient Supreme Court found Prince Edward's closing of the public schools to violate equal protection, and indicated that federal courts were empowered to order the opening of schools and to order the raising of taxes to pay for them, if necessary.

Gaines v.

Separate but equal

Watch Youtube video: Barack Obama age 29 lectures about C. Houston Plessy v. Ferguson Missouri ex rel. Canada Brown v.

Introduction The issue of whether public facilities may be segregated based on race first arose in the context of transportation, not education. In the case of Plessy v Ferguson , the Supreme Court concluded that a Louisiana law requiring whites and blacks to ride in separate railroad cars did not violate the Equal Protection Clause.

The Legal Cases That Abolished 'Separate but Equal' Doctrine

In an opinion that reads as though written by someone from Mars, Justice Brown wrote that the law did not "stamp the colored race with a badge of inferiority" and that any such suggestion is "soley because the colored race chooses to place that construction on it. Cases Plessy v. Was it the intention of the framers and ratifiers of the Fourteenth Amendment to end racial segregation in public facilities?