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In the full-length trailer showed at Comic-Con, Stewart is living out his days on the Picard family vineyard, but his retirement is disrupted after he crosses paths with a young women Isa Briones who he thinks is in danger. The trailer also showed a brief glimpse at their spaceship, The Borg Cube. The one plot detail that Kurtzman would actually confirm will be a tie-in to J.

This supernova sucks in both Nero and Spock, flinging them back in time by years, and bringing Nero face-to-face with the U. This is important because George Kirk, the father of legendary captain James T. Which is to say, a complete dickhead. And ASIDE from that absolute belter, here are the following references to canonical stuff that I take far too much joy from.

In the opening shot, we see a colonised moon for the first time! AND what is apparently Spacedock under construction. Firstborn also contains the first mention of the Klingon currency, the Darsek, which is used in this episode. The Betazoids are, of course, the race to which Deanna Troi belonged. Killy also apparently wiped out the inhabitants of Mintaka III.


Basically everything Tilly did in this episode made me squeal like a fangirl. I think she might be my Sebastian Stan. Check it: her hasty Terran salute to Giorgiou. Spitting out the spacewhale kebab.

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Please give her a spin-off. I will pay. At this point the amount of times Klingons have had red blood far outnumbers the single time Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country that it was millennial pink instead. That means that, when new Stargate is announced, the studio and the fan community alike will in a sense be starting from square one.

And here is the case I want to make for the Stargate franchise.

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Origins offered fans a ray of hope — a spark, which could turn into a flame. The more time that passes without confirmation that Stargate really is back , the more that flame dies in the eyes of the hopeful. Is Stargate a living franchise? Is it moving forward into new stories, new teams, and new threats to the galaxy? Or is it going to be an artifact of history, a spot on the DVD shelf, an answer to a Jeopardy! You hang onto every word, every glimmer and your optimism tells you to believe.

Believe as you like, and hope for the best — I admire that, truly.

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For Stargate to be a living, breathing franchise it needs not only a production or, to start with, at least a development plan — it needs to be able to be seen. The great strength of Stargate and its fandom has always been its international presence. More on this in the forthcoming podcast. Something seems maybe heavy wrap for several days a day or two small line about something within week coming out of London.

Just thought what if mgm putting together something recharge the movies fans, sg1, stargate altantis, and sgu just get all actors together etc huge task another thought perhaps mgm got lot content behind vault trying make sure let pieces out. In current world we live in if sga as concept been around put both sga and sgu on paywalled streaming place produce whatever had most fans screaming online for it.

I mean look sga first two pieces could been done movie its enough material 90 minutes give or take think dollars since made. Frankly, I enjoy Stargate a great deal. Both of them allow me to suspend reality, and go off to far flung reaches of space. I do hope a new Stargate is coming. Too many loose ends, production changes, etc. I was introduced to Stargate just a year ago. No sci-fi grabbed me as much as Stargate has. I prefer Babylon 5 but I watch them both. Characters grow and change beyond what you see in Trek with arcs that span seasons. Really good show, not pooing on DS9 here, I love those characters as well, and they also grew over time.

We are SO ready…Do movies, do cross Universe stories! StarGate the Next Generation! You can do this!! Its time…now, I havent seen it but I heard Origins was like a Fanfic production…is this true anyone?

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The stories were inventive and offered teaching moments about team work. Even a cartoon with the occasional voice from an SG-1 member would be nice. T Masaki: You might not like Discovery , but after both season premieres CBS All Access announced massive increases in subscriptions, which the network attributes to the show. Please give us, faithful followers, Stargate again. I have to admit I am a bit baffled by the fact that such a great franchise has so much trouble returning.

Especially since there is rather a void in production of actual Sci fi TV series, everything seems to revolve around superheroes when it comes to anything remotely Sci fi.

And even those inside said bubble are just being strung along by MGM. As cheaply as possible, while milking as much money as they can from said bubble fans. We need to see something from Destiny!! Maybe a two hour movie twice a year.. Many years ago I wrote an email to a gaming studio.

‘Star Trek Picard': Everything We Know About Patrick Stewart’s Return

Anyway, I enquired if they had any plans for a Stargate game. I stated that because of the premise of the TV show the possibilities of such a game could be endless with additional downloadable content becoming available to keep it going. They said that they had no plans for such a game but if they did I would be informed. Actually I think it was the company behind a star trek game. The game was called elite force. Cutting to the point; casting is crucial. The chemistry between actors has to be there! Origins was a complete disappointment to me. I have been a stargate fan since the original motion picture, and although granted the series spun off the original description of the aliens being bipedal humanoids, to snake-like creatures, it was still interesting, imaginative, and captivating.

I watched every…single…episode of every stargate series and was left hanging by a string upside down from my ankle when SGU ended so abruptly. I wanted more. What was that? The fans know it and the studio knows it. It had weak writing, poor acting and a non-starter of a plot, and it added nothing whatsoever to the franchise.

If Stargate is to come back, it has to be something worth watching. I want Atlantis returned to Pegasus. I want an updated John and Rodney story.

I want to see Rodney married to Jennifer…and not that nonsense the novels did with them. I would love to see Ronan back but know the role may have to be recast unless MGM went huge instead of big. Eli can save the day in Universe and we can get the final SG1 story eventually but start with Atlantis! As an old fan, love your article and share your optimism. I think that the studio have to see the big fanbase this franchise have, and the opportunity of revenue.