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Guarantee of a majestic and amazing result! You take the pastry CAP exam? You are a novice, hobbyist or pastry confirmed? This workshop is for you! In this intensive class of 9 hours, you will cover all technical bases equivalent to a pastry CAP exam. When Saint-Tropez meets Cap Ferret, this gives a gourmet workshop under the sign of the sun! But don't forget the method!

Try it, learn step by step and melt for these two classics of modern times! Less known than its cousin the strawberry cake, the raspberry cake is a lightness gourmet cake. Revisit this classic forgotten bringing his personal touch: an almond hazelnut dacquoise chewy-crisp and vanilla butter cream lightened with an italian meringue.

A ligth and fruity cake to try quickly! Fantastik is THE trendy pastry! But what is exactly a Fantastik? Signed by Christophe Michalak, this hybrid between dessert cake and pie wants no frills. With fresh and seasonal products, it should be crisp-soft, melting and creamy at once. Neither too sweet or too fat or too stuck, the Fantastik keeps essentials: taste and emotion for an explosion in the mouth! Tired of missing your macaroons or you simply are afraid to get started?

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This class is for you! No more grainy shells, broken macaroons and collar defects. We deliver all our tips and tricks to learn and succeed for sure these little treats. Come make perfect macaroons'shells and toppings according to the chef.

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When it was created in the 18th century by Vincent La Chapelle, one of the best chef of the time, dessert aroused huge controversy. Inspired by female attributes, it was a puff pastry kind of vol au vent garnished with red fruit jam. Today, the Well of Love is deprived of any erotic charge. The jam has been replaced by a caramelized cream light like a cloud, and the vol au vent has been replaced by a soft choux pastry.

A real treat! Biscuit soaked in kirsch, vanilla mousseline, fresh strawberries and almond paste decor: learn how to make step by step this fresh and light cake.


Real feat technique, learn to realize these small jewels of realism and impress your guests by offering a small piece of nature on the plate. With the fruits in trompe l'oeil, we taste first with the eyes. We love France for its bread, its good wine and cheese And yes, our beautiful country is also full of traditional pastries and tasty gourmet more one than the other.

Discover these three treasures of the South West Region! If there is doubt as to their origin, they are nevertheless two flagship cakes of french pastry. Traditional or revisited, choux pastry is limitless for the creativity of bakers! Always the same dough, but an infinite range of tastes, textures and backdrops. Become Zeus of choux pastry and learn how to make cakes so beautiful and so hungry that they eat at lightning speed!

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Cupcake or cheesecake? Don't ask more questions and crack for this two Anglo-Saxon pastries!


On one side the cupcake, this little cake with various toppings and boundless decors. And the other the cheesecake, a crunchy and melting dessert. Climb aboard and cross the Atlantic to create beautiful cakes that will delight young and old. Warm days comes and with them, a craving of homemade ice creams!

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You start and result: full of ice crystals or hard as stone when frozen, too sweet that melts quickly Don't panic! We will teach you how to make smooth ice cream Who doesn't know the Trianon, also known as the Royal chocolate?

Composed of a hazelnut dacquoise, a praline feuillantine and a ligth chocolate mousse, this dessert is simply irresistible! Her name Tatin or Bourdaloue, chocolate or lemon, shortcrust or puff So follow us in a workshop where you will realize gourmet pies and assorted garnishes. From the most traditional to the most original, the pie will be undoubtedly the queen of desserts! How consider a Christmas dinner without Yule log? Fruity or chocolaty, rolled or ice, the Yule log is THE dessert year end. Elle se divise en plusieurs selon les conceptions de ce statut.

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