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I wanted to like both of the main love interests but couldn't find anything about either one that made them swoon worthy to me. Overall, the book held it's pace but I didn't find myself totally loving it. It was an easy read and if you're looking for something to pass the time, maybe Stalk Me is for you! Meanwhile, I'm onto the next novel on my TBR! Oh yes. Overall, this is a series that has been an addiction to me. View all 66 comments. I will say that the action scenes were very OTT who scripted Lassie?

Sadly, certain characters didn't get enough scenes and I was SO shocked about All any fan of the series needs to know entering into this last book is that Keatyn gets her Moon Boy. View all 21 comments. At school she ran with the popular clique of rich kids while dating a well known child star actor named Sander. By the end of book one a fan turns in to a stalker…he flips the script…as Keatyn suddenly finds herself his number one fixation. She is quickly whisked away to boarding school on the East coast. Her moon boy!

Except there is still one guy from home that holds a place in her heart…is it possible he is meant to stay in her past OR could he actually be her moon boy, her future? Love yourselves. Find control in your chaos. Follow your heart. I found her writing to be engaging, witty, suspenseful and highly entertaining with just the right dose of steam. Book 4. Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews got to: www. Like us on Facebook: www. View all 18 comments. This review will be very brief, because I do not want to spoil this series for anyone.

I will start by saying Get Me made me cry, laugh, and swoon.

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It was an EPIC ending and worth the wait. I hope everyone will give this serie 5 Perfect Stars I loved every single book in this series, and as much as I hate to see it end I was excited to see how life played out for Keatyn and her Moon Boy. I hope everyone will give this series a try. I wish I could have attended Eastbrook!! I won't even get started on her family, because she had the best family and I loved them all.

View all 27 comments. View all 9 comments. Where do I start when this is the end? What a crazy, incredibly frustrating, insanely addictive ride. This series has been my guilty pleasure from day one. You love it when you love it, and you love it when you don't. It's like a carefully orchestrated car crash that's impossible to look away from. It has met my stubborn resistance and pulled me on a journey of discovery, growth, loss, and love.

A journey interwoven with so much drama. It's pure chaos. Addictive chaos. Perfect c Where do I start when this is the end?

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Perfect chaos. Chaos that has generated almost a cult following. Despite the dramatic insanity that is Keatyn's life. Despite having to battle constant frustrations. Despite everything. I always craved more. I finished each installment, aching for the next one. And with each new release, I'd drop life until I was finished. It's not a perfect series.

In fact, it will sometimes annoy you to your breaking point, but every time it manages to suck you back in. I can sum up Get Me in one word. For so long, this series has controlled me, and in the end Jillian Dodd gives us closure. She gives us The End. The book starts off big and keeps the pace the entire way through.

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You find out that sometimes things aren't always as they seem, and Keatyn isn't the only one with secrets. Insert first jaw drop here. The first that will be followed by many. It's a crazy ride. Be warned though, you'll need to throw your big girl fictional panties on and realize that this is a story….

This series has never been huge on strict realistic accuracies, it's part of the fun. Get Me is also saturated with some pretty extraordinary situations. There will be times where you're going to be like, "Come on! That would never happen in real life. It's fiction. Can you really create a handwritten legal document on a snowflake? Probably not. And if you're risking your life in a death defining moment to save someone you care about, are you going to whip out your phone and film it?

So just allow your eyes to roll and enjoy the story. It is pure entertainment!! Perhaps how everything climaxed and concluded was too much, a little too over the top, but this series has always been too much. Too much from day one. But I have too much love for this series not to be completely satisfied and overly content with how it all ended and my moon boy wasn't even in the running.

It was about so much more than just who she ended up with. It was about a journey. An experience.

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A resolution. This was about happily ever after! It's a story that's fun and fresh, sexy and steamy. It's dangerously addictive. And just like its predecessors, it drove me insane, completely insane. I can usually sense the direction the story is headed, and it punches me right in the heart.

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I can't! Damn you Jillian! I need a drink! So is The Keatyn Chronicles. I'm not saying your readers are going to find a giant golden penis hidden somewhere between the pages , but what I hope they understand is that YA-mature means YA-for everyone. Everyone of all ages.