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Low-residency primarily online with weeks on campus during the summer : Educating for Sustainability, Nature-Based Early Childhood Education, Principal Certification. Online courses during the school year give you the flexibility your schedule demands. Face-to-face classes for one or two weeks in the summer give you the reflection time and professional community you crave.

Put your studies to work in your classroom. Three practicums bring AUNE faculty into your classroom for personal advising. We use cookies on this site.

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IB educator certificates With IB certification, you gain a rich learning experience, ongoing professional development and the flexibility to follow a learning model that best fits your career path. IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research The IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research offers students the opportunity to supplement their existing IB experience with rigorous, systematic investigative work to further their knowledge and experience.

Person-Centered Approach. Jungian Theory. The Expresser. The Driver.

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The Relater. The Analytical.

  • Doble crimen (Temporal - Narrativa del bicentenario) (Spanish Edition)!
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The Socratic Method. The Elements of Communication. The Mentoring Relationship. The Trust Principle. Retaining Information. Adult Learning Theory. Learning Styles. Right- vs. Left-brain Learning. Elements of Learning. Introduction to Mentoring Relationships. Partnership Building. Overcoming Obstacles in the Workplace.

Three Stages of Mentoring. Self-Discovery Exercises. Vision Statement. Values Statement.

Personal Force Field Analysis. Circle of My Life. Personal Inventory. Life Graphs. Additional Exercises. Unconscious vs. Conscious Competence. What is Important. What Happened?

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  • Care-experienced learners in HE: Facilitating completion of degree programmes.
  • Survival: The Adventures of Sean Semineaux Part 3 Ancient China / The First Emperor.
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Trust Walk. Ending the Relationship. Which of the following is true of a mentoring relationship? Dispelling Common Leadership Myths. Fundamental Leadership Qualities. Principles of Self-Leadership.

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Building Strong Relationships. Influencing Co-Workers. Internal Leadership Development. Energizing and Empowering Employees. Communication and Empathy with Employees. Building Morale. Introduction to Negativity in the Workplace. Analyzing the Infection. Symptoms of Negativity.

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In Individuals. Primary and Secondary Emotions. Openly Aggressive vs. In Groups. Negativity and Low Morale in Groups. Fear and Control. A Story. Trouble Starts. Aggressiveness Exposed. Factions Develop. The Precipitating Event Begins.

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The Negativity is Realized. The War Escalates. General Stress. Work Overload.