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Pour qui me prends-tu? But Grandma, I would never have even thought about stealing the 20 euro bill that you left on the desk. Who do you take me for? Fun fact: Most people in mainland France had probably never seen a monkey until revolutions in transportation, like railroads and faster ships, made it possible for more of the population to visit zoos and far-off places, including French colonies where monkeys were a part of the local landscape. Basically, this saying is used when you see how someone takes after one or both of their parents. Me or anyone who knows me : Les chiens ne font pas des chats!

You could, however, use the similarity as a really interesting jumping off point for a conversation with French- and English -speaking friends. Which saying do most people agree with? This proverb can be used literally and figuratively.

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Fun fact: There are equivalents to this proverb in many languages and cultures. Each thing that you learn adds to your knowledge and abilities. Fluency will come — little strokes fell great oaks. What it means: Everyone sees things their own way. Everyone looks out for their proper interests. How can you see noon from your door — or anywhere, for that matter?

It seems like a riddle, but the answer actually lies in history. Centuries ago, people could see what time it was by looking at a sundial placed on a high building in their village or town.

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Prendrons-nous contact avec des extraterrestres? Qui vivra verra. Will we ever make contact with aliens? Time will tell. What it means: This is another saying that can be used literally or figuratively. Literally, think about it: Have you ever sat down to dinner and not felt particularly hungry, then started eating and realized that you were hungry after all? This is what happened to me with la galette des rois , French king cake. I had never had it before moving to Paris, but the minute I took my first bite of that flaky crust filled with frangipane, I knew I would never get enough.

Fun fact: Rabelais included this proverb in his satirical novel La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel. I never thought I would agree with someone like him, but there you go. After all, only fools never change their minds. Fun fact: As this Word Reference thread shows, there are a number of literary and philosophical equivalents of this wise proverb. You know, sleeping on it could help.

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I first saw this phrase written on a banner at a French elementary school I taught at. It struck me as universal, but also very patriotic, and has fascinated me ever since. On the other hand, some overly zealous people might take it to mean that the French are able to aim and achieve higher than other people. Despite that, he became the Emperor of France. Learning a language is a formidable task, but nothing compared to conquering and then reconquering a significant portion of Europe , right?

Alysa Salzberg is an American writer, worrier, teacher, and cookie enthusiast who has lived in Paris, France, for more than a decade.


You can read about her adventures here , or feel free to stop by her website. Je souhaite comprendre ce que vous voulez dire par la comparaison de ces deux phrases. Je ne suis pas votre logique. Merci beaucoup. Thank you for such insightful post! Thanks for your comment, Patrick. I understand why your wife might not be a fan of your favorite French saying!

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