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Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics are generally aimed at third- and fourth-year undergraduate mathematics students at North American universities. These texts strive to provide students and teachers with new perspectives and novel approaches. The books include motivation that guides the reader to an appreciation of interrelations among different aspects of the subject. They feature examples that illustrate key concepts as well as exercises that strengthen understanding.

Since you are not in any great hurry, I will have the luxury of pondering before contributing at least some Comments in specific areas.

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Other Researchers are of course welcome to participate, and I'm leaving the Question unlocked in case someone has a sufficiently strong interest to take the lead. Someone must be uncompressing it on the way to you but not our web server I guess, because else my wget would not get a gzipped file?

This is correct. I think that if you could indicate for each field just one book that reasonably satisfied the three criteria from my note the ones you quote , then that already would be very interesting to me. I have no real ideas about textbooks myself: when I studied math long ago, I learned everything from stenciled course notes. But of course I'd rather make the final selection of twelve textbooks myself, according to my own tastes. That would be great! But of course I would even more appreciate a full answer The one area that is least clear to me is Geometry.

If you can clarify which kind of Geometry you have in mind, that would be great. In my experience Geometry would most likely be a topic in a Math Education curriculum, in the sense of exposure to teaching Euclidean and non-Euclidean topics to illustrate an axiomatic method. Of course Analytic Geometry is somewhat part and parcel of the Calculus curriculum, but in itself would have to be considered at least partly remedial at the college level notwithstanding its extensive overlap into multi-variable calculus and linear algebra.

In days gone by one might expect a substantial exposure of undergraduates to Algebraic Geometry, and this may still be the case in some departments. Let me know if this is what was intended. I got my list of subjects by comparing the math programs of the Dutch universities.

So I had the kind of geometry in mind that they teach in the undergraduate courses here. I think the Dutch universities are not significantly different from the US ones I guess those are what you're talking about in that respect then. But I don't think that courses about this would be labeled "geometry" in a Dutch curriculum. Not really, I don't think undergraduates in the Netherlands get much algebraic geometry.

In fact even later I haven't ever seen much algebraic geometry, much to my regret. I think what I also have in mind when I think of a course in geometry, is what I once long long ago got as part of the training for the mathmatical olympiads the Dutch organiser of that was specialized in geometry, and this had repercussions on what we were taught. It went on in great detail about things like affine geometry, projective geometry, inversive geometry, etc.

Counting and Combinatorics in Discrete Math Part 1

With proofs that the class of transformations that map lines into lines are exactly the affine transformations? I also think there was stuff on things like what "length", "angle", "area" etc. I seem to remember tables with goniometric expressions in them describing this analytically, with each time three variants of everything: for elliptic, "normal" parabolic and hyperbolic geometry.

Formulas like how the area of a triangle was related to the excess of the sum of the angles of the triangle in hyperbolic and elliptic geometry and so on. I don't remember the details. So that's what in my mind too as the subject matter of "a course of geometry". But that's personal, it's not the original spec of what I was looking for.

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I'd say: decide for yourself how to interpret what is undergraduate geometry. I'm already very happy to get an answer from you after all! Many regards back, and thank you already, wondering-ga. Hi, wondering-ga: I'm going ahead to post this answer with some of the intended editorial text to wrap the last two sets of selections not yet finished, because the question is going to expire soon.

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I've taken the liberty of rearranging the order of subjects in a manner that to some extent reflects the relative "mathematical maturity" expected of students and which also always an opportunity for me to discuss the overlaps in subject matter efficiently. The first is a "mathematical atlas" site maintained by Prof. Dave Rusin of Northern Illinois University. I've incoroporated a number of additional links to his site in what follows.

For some areas he recommends for books for undergraduate courses. Where he fails to do so, it highlights to some degree the difficulty of drawing a boundary between "advanced" undergraduate and first-year graduate course material. It is nevertheless helpful in keeping the relationships and boundaries between fields of mathematics in perspective. Here's a link to a less known resource of books categorized by specific math topics. Unfortunately there's no specific treatment of undergraduate textbooks. However a better characterization of the style in this series might be that they're directed to non-specialists interested in a topic, rather than being aimed squarely at undergraduate course adoption.

One here confronts the ancient paradoxes of motion and infinity, and a practical if not clearly revealed resolution is obtained.