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Ranked the 1 Prometheus forum back in and reigning as the web's top Alien: Covenant fan site, it's a great place to discuss the upcoming Prometheus sequels, dissect details from every trailer and engage with other fans just like you. The state of the Alien: Covenant sequel continues to remain uncertain. Ridley Scott has mentioned previously that they have a story already in place and know exactly where the sequel to Covenant will go, however the recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox film properties by Disney have potentially put the rumored-to-be-titled Alien: Awakening on hold for the time being.

As new details arise concerning Alien: Covenant 2 we will be your premiere source and you can find information on the Covenant sequel by visiting the About Alien: Awakening page here.

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The usual alternate being the 'anomaly detected on a distant world, unearth the ancient evil cache of eggs' troupe. Titan Books had the right idea with the ' trilogy of novels'. Explore something new and show continuation. Not just random isolated books. Looks likely there is much more chance of a Blomkamp Alien 5, Alien 6 and Alien 7 than any return of our Engineers.

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Hot Topics. Close Alien-Covenant. Giger, who also provided conceptual design work for Alien. Some of the lingering nightmare imagery, the claustrophobic alien attacks, and the cover art he provided reinforce the connection that comics can have to Giger and horror in a way that is different to that attainable within movies. Nelson has since adapted the stories of Clive Barker and H. Here, the uprising of the Xenomorph zealots is just as disturbing as the operating room and the alien hive, because they all feel so palpably real.

The subtle psychic influencing on mankind towards their own destruction by an elder race feels pretty Lovecraftian for an Alien story, but as with the space-pterodactyls in Outbreak , whether you get on board with the lore-expansion or not, the design decisions show how the comic series has substantially expanded and diverged from the direction of the movies on its own terms. The artwork within the initial Aliens comic trilogy is the same as it is for the rest of the series, that is to say: It differs from one story to another.

The reason for this is straightforward.

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Artists and writers can drop in and out of the ongoing project The last limited series was Aliens: Defiance in With strong outlines, impressionistic backgrounds, and a vivid color palette cold blues and blood red , all presented over a black background, the emotional intensity is ratcheted up as though a battlefield marine just gave the reader an adrenalin shot straight to the heart.

Nightmare Asylum is one of the most fantastically kinetic comics I have ever come across. Becoming negative space, the gaps between the images recede into an inky pit, while flames and fluids sinuously frame dynamic direct-action and the onomatopoeic sounds of screaming, screeching, and gunfire.

The principle figures look like finely coiffured or ruggedly handsome actors from a pulp-adventure b-movie. Ripley could actually be modeled on a young Joan Collins.

Can no one hear us scream? Please Ridley, no more Alien films!

In stark contrast, the supporting cast have exaggeratedly cartoonish features. While the Alien films tend to share a consistency in visual style, if not a uniformity in narrative tone, the vastly different art direction in the first Aliens comic trilogy attest to the flexibility possible in representations of the Xenomorph mythos. They also speak to the different avenues that can be explored with away from the constraints of the Hollywood feature film format.

With the series being one of his earliest professional comic works, the writer of all three stories, Mark Verheiden, immediately went on to adapt the Predator universe into comic book form for Dark Horse Comics, spawning another significant comic book franchise. Furthermore, Verheiden has since acquired extensive experience in television adaptation, having contributed scripts to episodes of the Battlestar Galactica remake, Smallville, Constantine , and Daredevil.

This does not mean that the Aliens stories must be good by proxy, because, after all, David Weddle and Bradley Thompson also worked on the remake of Battlestar Galactica and the script for Aliens: Colonial Marines which they contributed to and is notably awful. Sid Mead was also brought back in to work on Colonial Marines , having already designed the exterior of the Sulaco for Aliens.

Some, indeed, might benefit from being flushed out an airlock and forgotten. Artistically, the Aliens comic trilogy is largely a success. The metal space suits of Outbreak perhaps belong more in Robert A. The action is entirely on-point though, as are the representations of the alien menace and the cascading collapse of humanity. As I touched upon in the introduction, there are strong themes in the comics that build upon the mere whispers of further context that were pared back in the movies. These aspects lend context to the sinister Xenomorph plague spreading across the universe, but they also reflect more significantly on the human angle: who we are when forced to concede that being superior to all other creatures is no longer a tenable or useful stance; who we are when forced to forge and protect our own families against the uncaring universe; who we are when forced to turn towards, then turn inside-out, our own ideological precepts as a way of making sense of ruthless, chaotic nature; and who we are when given the keys to the kingdom and nobody forces us to turn on each other, but we do so anyway, because we are human.

The Xenomorph religion is the driving force behind one of the sub-plots for Outbreak , but that is the tip of the spear as society collapses without much of a struggle. Arguably, when the story starts with prisons, mental institutes, and space junk, we are not exactly looking at an enlightened United Federation of Planets. Throughout the story, it is not long before paranoia-soaked testing centers crop up alongside shady scientific experiments that insert aliens into victims, and vigilante execution squads are quickly replaced by alien-controlled zombie mobs that serve an eerily similar function.

Likewise, by the end of Outbreak , it is not quite clear if the Xenomorph religion is the alien product of mind-control or the human need to make sense of some unknowable phenomena, caused by a disposable culture mistaking alien novelty for profundity and the diminished responsibility of a discarded or alienated… social class seeking change. See also: Golic versus The Dragon in Alien 3. See also: General Perez and his sharply curtailed attitude in Alien Resurrection. In fact, the six collected volumes, which number around pages apiece, only collect the first ten years of output from to After their initial success in adapting the Aliens franchise, Dark Horse Comics quickly followed up with a Verheiden-helmed Predator series, also with a comparable volume of publications.

It was also from these separate comic runs that the first Aliens vs. Predator face-off occurred, with Dark Horse Presents publishing a short story in Predator is the only pairing to bear fruit with two awful but awfully profitable Hollywood films. The Verheiden comics have also been directly adapted into best-selling novelizations, with Steve Perry, prolific author of novels based on the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Conan , and Predator franchises, adapting the trilogy with Outbreak being retitled as Earth Hive.

There have been nine novels published so far.

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A video game called Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure was published by Mindscape in , but the digital legacy of Aliens lies again with the popularity of the spin-off Aliens vs.